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    "The last time I saw Pet Shop Boys would have been at the old V-Fest music festival [Do you even remember that??] sometime in the mid 2000's. I'm going with 2006. It was a warm and sultry Summer evening, and after seeing the standards of that era [Cut Copy and Sneaky Sound System], Pet Shop Boys came on stage and started doing their thing. I was getting into it, and of course everyone wanted to go see some awfully overrated DJ. In hindsight, I was sad I didn't get to see the boys play as I had always been aware of them and their music, having been a kid in the early nineties, I still remember how much of an impact they had back then. You only need to remember Go West's titanic anthem and it's carry-over with bringing LGBT culture to the fore. Or the outrageously camp Absolutely Fabulous with its overtones of fun and silliness which matched perfectly the furore and frenetic humour of the show it was promoting. Or even Se A Vida E with it's cool summery sound and message of universal love."
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Wild Porteno, Pet Shop Boys & Loose Ends on a Queen’s birthday.

We’re already halfway through 2014, it’s certainly been a somewhat momentous year for both Adrian and I, as I’m sure it has been for many of you. For me, it’s shaping up to be a great year as I’ve got a new job, I’ve been shooting more, and I’ve been making friends and having adventures. … Continue reading

5 Years, Sun, & Fun in QLD

My first post for a very long time, I know. It can be so difficult to carry on with a project like a blog, but I wanted to post up something special; that being that Adrian and I have just recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and we decided to spend it relaxing in sunny … Continue reading

Laura’s Australian Adventure Pt 4 – GOODBYE AUSTRALIA

And so it came to the end of Laura’s trip. Although it was only a short two weeks which certainly flew by it was great fun showing our great friend our city. Sadly missed I can’t wait for her to come visit again so we can show her a lot more of our country and … Continue reading

Mardi Gras Fun & Frivolity!

Being such a highpoint for the LGBT community both here in Sydney and abroad, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, [or Gay Christmas as it is now days affectionately referred to], has become the absolute high point of the year for both LGBT folk as well as the wider community in general. For one … Continue reading

Laura’s Australian Adventure Pt 3 – MELBOURNE

Continuing Laura’s journey in Australia our next stop was Melbourne! We left sydney on a very wet day and arrived in Melbourne on a chilly but sure enough sunny morning. (ps Adrian writing i know its shit) We booked a cute little air bnb on flinders lane a few doors up from the infamous cumulus … Continue reading

My 30th Birthday aka Marrickville Rock ‘N’ Roll Juke Joint!

2014 is the year I turn 30, an auspicious age for anyone, regardless of their circumstances, or thoughts thereof. I never really took too much stock in the whole mad rush that seems to creep into most people’s lives once they hit the 25-26 mark, where the initial fun-rush of the early 20’s fades away … Continue reading

Laura’s Australian Adventure Pt 2 – BLUE MOUNTAINS

Part 2 of laura’s fun filled Australian adventure. We travelled 40km west of Sydney’s CBD up to the top of what we call the Blue Mountain Ranges. It was such a beautiful hot day and the drive was amazing. We past many little towns along the way with cute cottages and antique centres before heading … Continue reading

Laura’s Australian Adventure Pt1- Laura’s Arrival

Late last year November, we were lucky enough to have our closest friend and former flatmate come down from the UK to have a little two-week vacation with us. We missed Laura [and of course everyone else we made friends with in London] so much since we left the UK late 2012, that we positively … Continue reading

Sydney Night Noodle Market

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been posting regularly here at Gentlementakepictures, it seems like things have been in overdrive since late last year. So many things have been happening, new jobs, friends coming down from London to stay for a vacation, and of course that crazy time of year, Christmas and New Year. … Continue reading

Adrian’s 25th Bday Bash!

On an unseasonably warm day in late September, Mr Adrian turned 25; which was of course a cause for a big 25th birthday bash! As it was so unseasonably warm , it was only logical that we would hit up our favourite local spot for cooling off on hot days, that being the Prince Alfred … Continue reading